[SOLVED] Chromecast audiogroup, unable to play stream on group


i have a problem with a chromecast audiogroup. If I want to play a stream on an audiogroup (2 members), it will not work. The stream is always
only on one member of the group played, on the IP address with which I have defined the thing.
Maybe I have to define the thing else? I’m at a loss, everything else (displaying the logos, etc.) works so far.


Thing chromecast:audio:Chromecast_Audio1_Kitchen          [ ipAddress=""]
Thing chromecast:audio:Chromecast_Audio2_Denon            [ ipAddress=""]
Thing chromecast:audio:Chromecast_Audio3_Andi             [ ipAddress=""]
Thing chromecast:chromecast:Chromecast_TV1                [ ipAddress=""]

Thing chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss     			  [ ipAddress="", port=8009]

.items (only for the audiogroup)

Player Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Fernbedienung  "Gruppe Erdgeschoss"    <remote>            { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:control" }
Dimmer Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Lautstaerke    "Lautstärke"            <soundvolume>       { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:volume" }
Switch Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_mute           "Mute"                  <soundvolume_mute>  { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:mute" }
String Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_artist         "Artist [%s]"           <artist>            { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:artist" }
String Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_title          "Title [%s]"            <title>             { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:title" }
String Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_albumName      "Album [%s]"            <album>             { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:albumName" }
Image  Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Image          "Cover"                                     { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:image" }
String Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_playuri        "play URI"              <uri>               { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:playuri" }
String Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_appName        "App Name"              <app>               { channel="chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss:appName" }
Switch Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Trigger        "Play Bayern 1"         <bayern1>           { expire="1s,command=OFF" }


rule "play an mp3 file or radiostream Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG"
    Item  Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Trigger changed from OFF to ON or
    Item  Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG_Trigger changed from NULL to ON
    logInfo("Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG", "Triggered ")
    try {
      playStream("chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss", "http://br-br1-franken.cast.addradio.de/br/br1/franken/mp3/56/stream.mp3")
      //logInfo("Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG", "play URL ")
    catch(Throwable t) {
        logError("Chromecast_Audiogruppe_EG", "Fehler1" + t.toString())

I found the solution for my problem myself.
I had to install “iobroker” (!) and then saw that the port for the audio group is not right.

I have to change the .things into:

Thing chromecast:audiogroup:erdgeschoss  [ ipAddress="", port=42139]

It is very unfortunate that there is nowhere in the documentary evidence of such simple things! You have to install another “smart home” software and find out such things, I find it very frustrating. For the future, I have to decide if I’m going to switch to iobroker or home assistant. Sad but true. OH has great potential, but at such small things most end users fail.

Then you are welcome to change the documentation.
OpenHAB is an open source system and therefore dependent of people like you and me to make contributions.

You can edit the docs by clicking here:

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Yes you are right. But my solution is purely based on a trial. I do not know why the port is 42139 with me. This can not and should not be the basis of a solid documentary. I appreciate the volunteers’ performance, but they have to deliver the foundation.

You are part of the they in your sentence. If everyone contributes it can only get better.
There is no point complaining about it when you can do something about it yourself.

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To be complete, if you would have added the audio group via Paper UI, the autodiscovery process would have found the audio group with the right IP address and the right port automatically. So the tool you are referring to already exists as part of the binding.

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i have created a PR