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I appeal to site and community administrators.
I noticed recently that I can not go to the community site, but I can go to the site of the openhab.org. Is there a chance that my ip blocked accidentally? I tried it through a German VPN that everything works fine. Help or assist in what there can be a problem. All other sites work without problems. dns the address re works

How did you manage to post this post since ur ip is blocked by openhab.org?

The problem may be an automated bot flagging your IP as malicious. Check your pc for malicious-ware. I know hackers install their agents on innocent user pcs and then use those to attack popular sites and extort them (sites) for money.

Now I answer you through German vpn. I am in Russia. You can not access the phone either. I tried through different Internet providers on different devices. Maybe in Russia the community has blocked the state?

That would be unfair to users like you. But your guess might be correct. And I am totally with you on this. Region based discrimination is not going to get us to a better world.

really blocked. Perhaps when the telegrams were blocked by millions of addresses, this ip community.openhab.org [] got into a blocked subnet.

Is there no way to change the IP community? I think that many people from Russia are experiencing difficulties in entering the community.

@Kai can we fix this somehow? Its really unfair to our friend Eduard.

I confirm! For more than a month, this IP has been blocked in Russia by large providers. At me vpn between three my networks, from two networks of access already is not present, I am afraid that they will cover the last. I wrote letters to federal and regional bodies of Roskomnadzor, with a request to understand the situation, letters are being returned. My opinion is that the community site is hosted on one hosting site with a blocked site, and blocked by IP address, so all sites located on this host are blocked.

Hurray for democracy!

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I wish we could. Our forum is hosted by DigitalOcean on a node in FRA. We (obviously) do not have any say on the assigned IP address. While it would probably be possible to create a new instance and re-create the installation image (which would cause quite some effort and downtime), we could get another IP address. I am pretty sure that it would be from the same IP range, though, and therefore the likelyhood that this solves the issue is rather small.

Checking here, we can see that we are also the only domain on that IP address.
What I could do is to reach out to DigitalOcean support and check with them if they are aware of any such issues and if they have any circumvention for it.

Here you can check the ip address and find out the reason for the lock, the site is in Russian, but Google knows what to do about it. maybe this should be shown to the hoster …

Where is that? I can only see who took the decision to block it, but without any reason…

I followed a couple of links and found this:


That may be a way to “un-block” the site…

Is there any chance that one of our Russian native speakers try to get in contact through this form? Feel free to refer to me for any questions that might come up, but my assumption is that requests in Russian are clearly preferred on that website.

Can this community software be deployed as two/three geographically separated instances and they synchronize automatically?
If yes, I can host one instance at my place. I got battery backup and optical link.

No, sorry, there’s no chance to get such a setup working…

@Olymp @edgi are there any proxy sites that you use to get on the community? Can a proxy work with this community software?

@diyha i use vpn server

@Kai If the site is blocked at the request of Roskomnadzor, the hostess must have received a notification in Russian and English. Ask your hosting provider or the site administration to forward you this email.

  1. If the ISP restricts access to the site without any legal grounds (in the event that the site does not appear in the registries), it can be qualified as a violation of the rules for the provision of services and illegal restriction of access to information. Sometimes it happens that prosecutors go to courts with suits to specific regional telecom operators, without involving Roskomnadzor, and therefore the requirements for restricting access can be sent out of the register. Please contact the Internet provider who provides access to communication services, the reasons for not being able to connect to the server or a specific site. There is still the same possibility of not receiving the answer, as in point 1.
  2. Through the whois service or direct request to the registrar of the site’s domain name, find out whether there has been no decision to terminate / suspend the administration of the specified domain. The mechanism for the partitioning of domain names through Russian registrars is also a common practice in restricting access to sites. This can happen both at the request of the bodies that carry out operational-search activity, and according to the requirements of courts or bailiffs.
  3. In the event that the blocking was caused by the presence of illegal content on the site, access to the site can be restored and information about it is excluded from the register if the site’s administration agrees to delete / destroy the content, limit access to it from Russian IP addresses, or eliminate it revealed violations. In this case, it is necessary to send the application in free form to zapret-info@rkn.gov.ru, notifying Roskomnadzor that violations were eliminated with the request to exclude the site from the register. Applications can be considered by the Office up to 30 (thirty) days from the date of their receipt.
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I contacted DigitalOcean about it and that’s their response:

We’re aware of a disruption in traffic from some areas in Russia to some of our data centers. It appears that traffic has been blocked at some other point in the Internet, which is beyond our control. All circuits into these data centers are fully functional.

We are unable to change the IP address of a Droplet or assign a specific IP but it is possible to get it changed, the process requires some steps. […]
Please note we cannot guarantee that the new IP will not be blocked.

So this seems to be the only real option, but without any guarantee for success. If we want to give it a try, I’ll have to schedule a forum downtime of about 2 hours.

I sent a letter to Roskomnadzor in free form in my own words. The answer can come in 30 days or more. I’ll write here what they say.

It seems to me that IP address: whose host: community.openhab.org is blocked by mistake. This site contains a forum in English which is visited by people from all over the world. Subjects of the forum are exclusively technical about the open system “Smart House”. Not the head of the site, not the hosting provider DigitalOcean received from the state bodies a letter about the prevention or blocking of the ip address for any reason, according to the law before the blocking should have been notified.
Now the inhabitants of Russia do not have access to the site. At this IP address, there are no other sites. I ask to recheck the reason of what this IP address was blocked.