[SOLVED] Configure Sonoff Tasmota RF Bridge in files : Item, Things etc

After long research I still did not solve my problem so here is the post about it.
I managed to get Tasmota on an RF-Bridge from Sonoff.
My problem is that nothing happens in the OpenHab 2 logs after creating the RF bridge in the things and Item files. Please note that the Thing is online in the paper UI
In the Tasmotat console, I can see the log and receiving RF and everything.

I have mqtt.fx connected to my OpenHab 2 mqtt broker, and it can see the traffic on the bridge normally.

Things Configuration of the RF BRIDGE:

Thing mqtt:topic:RF_Bridge_1 “Main RF Bridge” (mqtt:broker:home) @ “Living Room”

Items file configuration:

String Sonoff_Button { mqtt="<[mqtt:tele/RF_Bridge_1/RESULT:state:JSONPATH($.RfReceived.Data)]" }

Not sure if this is ok, of the mqtt broker definition here is wrong because in MQTT FX there is no issue and I can see the activity. My mqtt broker is open hab is define as follow and working just great with everything else:

Bridge mqtt:broker:home “Mosquitto MQTT Broker” [
PLease advise how to get the OpenHab know there is at least an update on the RF-Bridge.
From there on I will manage the rest I guess :slight_smile:

Your item definition is using the syntax for mqtt version 1, however you are using the version 2!
Please check the documentation for the cor5 item definition ( something like:

Switch SonoffPower {channel="mqtt:topic:sonoff:PowerSwitch"}

Additionally, you did not set the correct device type for the Tasmota software, IMHO it should be Sonoff Bridge instead of Basic!

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@opus hi there and thanks for the usual help.

It was just the wrong screen shot…actually this is my bridge in tasmota console:

As you can see, the message is composed of multiple section but I just wanna start by adding the right item format to detect a change.

when using this based on openhab 2 format I get parsin error

String Sonoff_Button { channel=“mqtt:tele/RF_Bridge_1/RESULT:state:JSONPATH($.RfReceived.Data)” }

With this in items instead:
String Sonoff_Button { channel=“mqtt:topic:RF_Bridge_1:result” }

No error but what’s the use if the log not moving

Hello Everyone,

This solved it, use the definition in the first post and from there on just be creative
but the thing and item definition works great