[SOLVED] Configuring "String" Item to publish MQTT messages

Hello, I have openHAB 2.4.0 running in my Raspberry Pi, I have my items configured with the MQTT 1.13 binding and I have all of them working well but I just don’t get this item publish a message in the topic, I don’t know if this type of item can not publish or something like that, I have tried many different configurations. Here I show you my item definition and my rule definition.

String LCD {mqtt=">[mosquitto:myHome/LCD:state:default]"}

Here I have tried with command:default, command, command:*

In the rule I have:


Here I have tried with LCD.sendCommand(“BIENVENIDO”)

Almost all of these configurations work in the Basic UI and I can see the changes of this item in the sitemap, but If I subscribe to the “myHome/LCD” topic I can not see the “BIENVENIDO” message.

Can anybody help me? Thank you


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Thank you very much!!!