[SOLVED] Confused by the Astro binding range event trigger in rules and the Smart Home Designer

I am a bit confused by the astro binding and sunset triggers and PaperUI.
I attach a couple of screen shots, as the text version of the code does not say what the Designer says to me.

This is the relevant part of my offseted astro binding (with a latest and earliest value set also):

And I would then like to use the Range event in my rule


As you can see, Designer says that something is wrong with my rule. Now will it work anyway?
Or, have the syntax for Range events changed at some point?

These kinds of rules you can only verify the correctness of once per day, and then you need to be both at home you yourself and be alert, so that is why I need to ask.

Ran into the same problem with designer, it doesn’t recognize the definition of rangeEvent in things and doesn’t understand the Channel trigger. But dont despair, it works, must be a bug in the designer.

Ok. Thanks!

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