[Solved] Connect remotely not working or very slow after setting up reverse proxy


I installed nginx and set it up as a reverse proxy to access openhab from other networks safely. Now with the new config I’m not able to open my site maps via the apps (android and iPhone). The android app just keeps spinning and today it started loading some items, but everything is very slow. I can toggle switches, but the response is slow (10-20sek before they trigger). The iPhone app just spinns and then times out. Accessing openhab via the reverse proxy is quick as lightning.

In the logs I can see something about failed jetty requests on the cloud service.

Any clues?

I will post the exact entries from the logs and my nginx file for openhab when I’m by my computer again.

I don’t understand… are you using your own nginx as a reverse proxy or the myopenhab.org cloud to access your OH2?

What did you set in the mobile app for remote server?

Sorry for the unclear post.

I’m connecting remotley via myopenhab.com. I just use remote proxy to access paper ui etc.

I can add that I followed this guide https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/security.html to set it up. And I skipped the open ssl step.

Ok :slight_smile:

  1. Remote Access is slow
  2. Is home.myopenhab.org down?
  3. Long delay in rest command to myopenhab

Aha! Then there is a general problem. I don’t know how I was able to miss it when I asked Google for help :slight_smile:
I noticed the problem just after my nginx installation so I was 100% sure that I’d missed something.

Thanks for pointing this out

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Case (successfully) closed :slight_smile: