[SOLVED] Connect two 8ohm 1 w speakers to RP3B+

Dear Community,

In raspberry pi 3 B+, can I connect its “4-pole stereo output and composite video port” into two speakers (8ohm 1w) safely using wires and connectors only, I mean without amplifier or resistor… ?

Actually I saw the following blog, they used MAX98306, so do I need it ? http://blog.whatgeek.com.pt/2015/04/give-your-raspberry-pi-the-power-of-speech-with-adafruits-max98306/

Yes, if you wire them correctly:

But you won’t hear much because the power provided by the jack is much too low for passive speakers.
Buy the amplifier or an usb sound card, or even better a PiHAT to get sound out of it.

This is only ONE example for an audio hat, there are a lot more on the market.

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What about PAM8403 did you try it ?

Yes, but not with a Raspberry.

can you please say why not ?

I don’t have any usecase for sound on my RPi :grin:
I’m using that amplifier to drive additional passive speakers for my TV.

Is it ok to use usb ports of rasbpberry pi as usb power supply for such these devices shown in the photo (Remotec ZXT-120EU & Speakers) ?