[SOLVED] Connecting a hmb 443 ( (hcgw-433) ) Lanbox to openhab

Hello, i’m new in the community

A few days ago i started to configure my openhab2 on my qnap.
I’am happy with this System:

I connect my Harmony Hub and my fritzbox (with four Fritz Dect 200) perfect to my System

Now i have five 433 Mhz Plugs connected over an hcgw-433 over Lan.
I use the old app Stecker Checker on my IPad and this works fine for now.

But now my Question: Is there any possibility to integrate this hcgw into openhab and how?

can anybody help me?



I’m using a CUL-Stick that sends the RF-codes to my plugs over OH.
Can’t find anything about hcgw-433.

The CUL Stick is the same like Telldus Stick but I my idea is to use the current Hardware. this is what i think

I want avoid to use a Rasberry Pi or other.

My OpenHAB runs on a qnap

If running OH on your NAS doesn’t allow the use of USB-Ports by OH you are really limited.

In that case I’m of no help, you would need more information on how this hcgw-433 communicates over the LAN. In theory OH should be able to “talk” with it!

Hi Jürgen,

Thank you for the Info

The Box have a separate Ip

Because the OH Runs in QNAP, i want to use the Box not the Stick.

The Problem is that i have no Dokumentation of this HMB and the Producer of this Box have no links to older Products

Regards Armin

Found this german link on a related topic. Not sure if it really helps.

Hello Jürgen,
thank you very much

i found with your LINK this Article http://www.l3x.de/connair/demo/
On my Qnap i create a Site, Change the XML-file (Configuations file) of this DEMO with my Datas

So i get a webinterface (for testing) and it works for my Test plug (433MHz) fine.
The next Step: i try to send the comand by OH2.

You can Switch by the http-Links:
ON: "http://“your Server”/index.php?action=on&type=device&id=2"
OFF “http://“your Server”/index.php?action=off&type=device&id=2”

Bu I think the first Step is started (by your help)

UPDATE: It works perfekt
Switch MyItem1 { http=">[ON:POST:http://my server:Port/index.php?action=on&type=device&id=2] >[OFF:POST:http://my Server:port/index.php?action=off&type=device&id=2]" }

Special thanx to the Deployer of this Conn-Air App "mentox"


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