[SOLVED] Console log level in Eclipse demo app

My binding uses logging for tracing output and i wanted to see it. There is userdata/log4j.xml file in the demo app, but after i change WARN to TRACE i see a lot of output, but not from my binding. In order to see its output i temporarily have to replace all logger.debug() with logger.warn().
What is missing and where am i wrong ?

You need to add a new line with the log settings for your binding.

@5iver It worked for me after adding to runtime/logback.xml:

“name” can be a prefix, not a full class name. e.g if you have two loggers under org.openhab.binbing.mydevice.foo and org.openhab.binbing.mydevice.bar , specifying “org.openhab.binbing.mydevice” will configure both of them.

Not a prefix but a package “level”. Everything under that specified package will be configured.