[SOLVED] Control a group of items via REST API

Hi there!
I’m trying to control a group of items via the REST API for creating iOS shortcuts.
Here is screenshot my primitive setup of the iOS Shortcut for the request:


I also tried to to add “?recursive=true” to the url, but I think it’s reserved for GET requests.

Is there a way to set states of all items in group with one request?

The only way is to sendCommand (HTTP POST) to the GroupItem and the command will be forwarded to all it’s members.

Thanks @rlkoshak for the fast reply.

My request was correct, but the command I sent didn’t get redirected to the members of the group.
Is there a way to forward “TOGGLE” to items through their group, instead of just ON and OFF?
I’m using Sonoff switches with tasmota.

I don’t think so.