[SOLVED] Controller for LED strip

I have a length of LED strip (Aeotec) left over and would like to use it in another room. It would be impractical to try to make a connection from the current strip, and I don’t want to buy another. Aeotec doesn’t just sell the controller, which is all I need. I see Zooz makes a controller and I believe Fibaro does as well. Neither make it clear if they can work with my Aeotec strip. Can someone provide some guidance as to whether and how these controllers work with my strip?

@5iver has the Zooz controller.

@5iver Are you using the Zooz controller with an Aeotec LED strip?

I don’t know the Aeotec strip but believe they’re compatible to any controller (even non-zwave ones) just like generic/no-brand strips are, i.e. they have channels R,G,B, eventually W, plus power.

Nope. I’m using the Zooz ZEN31 controller, which supports RGBW, with a Luma10 (RGB) strip from Hitlights. You’ll need a 12V power adapter, since it does not come with one.

For the other strips I have, I use some Arilux WiFi LED controllers which can be used with the wifiled binding, or they can be flashed with Tasmota and used with the MQTT binding.

LED strips are all pretty much the same. I don’t see anything special about the Aeotec strip, so you should be able to use any LED controller with them.

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Ok, thanks.

Thanks, I’m going to try the Zooz.

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That should be a good choice. If needed, the support staff for Zooz and thesmartesthouse.com are top notch.
They are also helping us insure their newest products, such as this controller, are supported by openHAB.