[Solved] Converting String to Double warning in parsed string

OS: Debian 10.0 with java 11.0
openHAB version:3.0.2

Hello all, I’m migrating from OH2 to OH3 in several rules I use the following method to retrieve parsed information from string but now I’m receiving a warning. What are the necessary changes to solve the problem.

Validation issues found in configuration model ‘dobotics.rules’, using it anyway:
The constructor Double(String) is deprecated

rule “testrec”
Item Sala_CPE_rec received update
if (Sala_CPE_rec.state.toString.contains(“Slave,”)) {
var String[] buffer= Sala_CPE_rec.state.toString.split(",")
if (buffer.get(1).contains(“ON”)) postUpdate(Sala_CPE,ON)
else if (buffer.get(1).contains(“OFF”)) postUpdate(Sala_CPE,OFF)
postUpdate(Sala_CPE_TMP,new Double(buffer.get(2)))

Thanks in advance.
By the way, what is the URL for the OH3 basic setup in the browser? I’m using file based programming

(Solution) Just Found the solution:

change: postUpdate(Sala_CPE_TMP,new Double(buffer.get(2)))

to: postUpdate(Sala_CPE_TMP,Double.parseDouble(buffer.get(2)))