[SOLVED] CoolTouch Light Switch

I’ve just bought a Z Wave CoolTouch light switch.

The switch works, turns the light on and off when I press it but I can’t seem to find it when I scan for new Z Wave items. I’ve set the switch to discovery mode and the lights indicate that it’s discoverable but it never appears in OpenHab.

Has anyone had any experience with this light switch and have you managed to get it working?

At the moment I have a very expensive dumb light switch :persevere:

Try either excluding the switch first or factory reset the switch.

It was added to the database 7 days ago with a lot of misconfiguration, this was fixed today.
So you need to wait for the database changes to get merged and then update to a recent zwave snapshot binding.


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I’ve just merged the latest update - it will not doubt take some time to flow through the system, but should be available for download tonight or tomorrow.


Thank you for your quick replies.

I will keep an eye out for the update. Presumably I just uninstall ZWave from Paper UI and reinstall it again to get the latest version?

Many thanks for all your help and time with the community

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Just one last quick question. Is this where I need to look to get the update?


Do I need to wait for one to have the last modified date to be in the 2020’s? Presumably it will be 1.15.0

I then simply just go through the bundle:update command.

Many thanks

I’m not really sure where everything gets distributed to these days, but you can always (hopefully!) get the latest here -:


We need to figure out a good process for users. We got dependent on the old script and few, if any, users have manually installed updated addons on 2.5.

Yep - completely agree. I suspect @5iver is busy at the moment but maybe someone can take a look over his script to see if it can be changed for the new environment, and then create a PR for him?

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I remember somebody realizing he was using ci.openhab.org(Jenkins) and made him move to use jfrog.io.
Are the snapshot jars published on jfrog now? If so, where? I trued looking quickly and came up empty.

Old script used


Now script tries


Sorry - I’m not sure what happens. I’ll have a quick look in the distro pom as I guess that’s where it’s handled.

See my latest edit here too for details (old vs new)

I’m not sure the snapshots are updating - it’s here if you want to take a look -:


The last version of everything is 2.5.0, so it seems no updates now :frowning:

What is this?? I thought there was no 3.0 binding.


LOL 2.5.1 is here.


EDIT: Last updated December 31??

It’s just building the master branch. The snapshot builds the 2.5.x branch.