[SOLVED] Custom Widget itemvalue not working

Hi all,

i have recently installed openhab2 and am playing around with it for a bit.
I am trying to create a new widget for the weather. I already read alot of other articles and examples and downloaded and imported another widget for that.

My problem is, that for the itemvalues it always just shows me n/a. So I believe that i have to put in the right label there of course :wink:

But i added all my things and items with the “Simple Mode” in the Item linking configuration section. So what is the name of my items? And do I have to bind those in the “configuration setting” with Type, ID, Label fields? If yes how do i do this?

It is probably super easy and I just dont get it right now but i tried all kinds of combinations with the item names and channels (e.g.: yahooweather:weather:3cf45dfe:temperature).

If someone could explain to me how to insert the correct name of the item to the “itemvalue{{?}}”, where to find the right item name and how to use the “Add Setting” in the widget settings tab. I would be very happy!

I have openHab2 installed on a Raspberry Pi 2

Thanks a lot in advance and I hope I explained my problem well enough.

To see your (automatically created by PaperUI) items, disable “Simple Mode” and a new sub-menu called “Items” will appear on the left side of PaperUI (under the Configuration menu)

You will then use the item names in your widget (like: {itemValue('<item_name>'))

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Yes! Thank you very much! It worked :smiley:

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