[Solved] Daikin: Wifi adapter BRP069B41 cannot register UUID as token: Connection refused

Hi all,

I just got my Daiking AC installed which is equipped with a wifi controller BRP069B41 (Firmware Level 1.2.54) and I found some topics in the community where others got this adapter up and running but I am already failing to register my UUID (4) at the adapter:

# curl --insecure -H "X-Daikin-uuid: 28fa08296e654f309fe7ed5969d4c9e8" -v ""
* Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused
curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused

Of course same error when trying to register …

I followed the instructions of this topic:

Can anyone please guide me what I am doing wrong?


Ok, it seems that I read too quickly and that the BRP069B41 is an old adapter that only uses HTTP not HTTPS (Found here: Daikin BRP072C42 WIFI custom component - #58 by nzhook - Custom Components - Home Assistant Community)

Running the command with HTTP is successful but then I learned that the BRP069B41 does not need to register an UUID …

And hence I abort this topic here !!!