[SOLVED] Dash Button then topic doesn´t work

I configured my Amazon Dash Button and it seems to be working. In Log Viewer I get this message:

2019-02-05 12:01:22.518 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - amazondashbutton:dashbutton:XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX:press triggered

But the rule doesn´t work:

rule “My Dash Button pressed”
Channel “amazondashbutton:dashbutton:XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX:press” triggered
sendTelegram(“bot1”, “Es hat an der Haustüre geläutet”)

On other Rules Telegram does work.

Try using the correct quotation marks:

" instead of

I don´t know why, but in Visual Studio the quotation marks are correct. I have double checked and my other rules work.

Put a logInfo line instead of the sendTelegram to see it the problem is coming from there.

I inserted:

Blockquote:logInfo(“amazondashbutton”, “My Dash Button has been pressed”)

instead of sendTelegram but no change.
The log shows only

Blockquote:2019-02-05 19:18:39.672 [vent.ChannelTriggeredEvent] - amazondashbutton:dashbutton:88-71-e5-2b-b2-11:press triggered

Last idea: MAC address needs to be all small letters.

… and make sure you don’t have more than one rule with that name.

BTW, using “Preformatted Text” instead of “Blockquote” should solve that problem.

on my side works:

Channel "amazondashbutton:dashbutton:fc-a6-67-7e-ca-xx:press" triggered

–> small letters in the MAC Adress
Does the rule file has the right extension? --> .rules
If the rule file is updated there is a info at the log if everything is ok??

I configured it in Paper UI and Status is Online.
I have only installed the binding and libcap as described here: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/amazondashbutton/

Edit: I do not know. But I have restarted OH 3 times and now it works. Thanx for the help!