[SOLVED] DeConz missing Humidity Sensor

Hi there, @David_Graeff

I’m running OH 2.4 and recently installed Deconz binding to integrate a Xiaomi (Aqara) temperature/humidity sensor to my environment. I got the temperature sensor (Thing temperaturesensor) running but failed with the humidity sensor. I’m pretty sure that my thing file and zigbee id’s are correct but still wondering why the humidity (and pressure) thing is not created.

I recognized in paperui that the thing type e.g. humidity sensor is missing, even it’s listed under supported things at https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/deconz/.

Any idea whats the problem?

Kind regards for help.

Please note, that the website will usually show the most recent documentation
and there happened a lot in the deconz binding in the last year (yes 2.4 is a year old by know).

Cheers, David

Since you are running version 2.4, if you select 2.4 in the upper right dropdown, you can see there is no humidity sensor in that version of the binding.

We expect 2.5 to be released on December 15. Milestone 5 is the current testing version.

Thx and got it. In this case I‘m look forward to the OH2.5 release in december.

Kind regards