SOLVED: Denon / Marantz 3.1 - cannot send surroundProgram

I am using the Denon/Marantz binding since quite a while, but I just recognized, that sending the surroundProgram does not work anymore (OH3.1).

This means, that the Receiver does not change the surround mode when sending e.g. “STEREO” or “PLII movie”.

When changing the mode on the receiver itself, it is reflected correctly in the item.

Anyone else with this experience?

Never mind - I found a workaround:

I just use the buttonPress from my Harmony:

String          HarmonyRnzBtnPr       "Ranzen Button Press"                                          (G_jdbc)                                                   {channel="harmonyhub:device:Hubble:37883856:buttonPress"}

To find out the right button to be pressed check out the mainUI API explorer:
go to channel-types and put the thing id into the request:

filter UIDs by prefix (multiple comma-separated prefixes allowed, for example: 'system,mqtt')

This will return all the available buttons.

In case you might be still interested in controlling this via openhab, see this thread and my reply: