[SOLVED] [Development] Setup question for VSCode

I moved from Win10 to Ubuntu on my machine and I’m trying now to setup an IDE.
I was only able to install openjdk version “1.8.0_222” on Ubuntu, is that a problem?
The initial try with Eclipse failed during the final build process of the openHAB project.
I did another try with VSCode, which is already setup for the administration of my main openHAB installation.

The actual question I have at the moment is:

In Step 5 of the Chapter Setup for each bundle the file tasks.json is to setup with the directories for your openHAB installation . Do I have to have a seperate openHAB installation on this development machine or can/should I refer to my main installation?

What error did you get? Did you follow the steps as described in the documentation. I run in Ubuntu without problems, with openJDK.

Sorry unrelated to your actual question :wink:

Tried it again with Eclipse (restarted before 2 times getting the error), guess what the error didn’t show again the “executing org.openhab…r goal” task did start-over after reaching 33%)

During each start of the Ubuntu system I do get a "problem with system application (“Problem mit einer Systemanwendung”), can’t say if that is related. I’m considering to start with a fresh install again.

I think I’ll stick with Eclipse, have to read the new (to me) documentation on how to start openHAB from the IDE. So the initial question vanished! Sort of!