[SOLVED] Device excluded from Alexa can't be found again

So I have this item (Sonoff Mini) that was first automatically discovered by Alexa because I synced with the eWelink APP.

Maybe because of that, when I later deleted that item from Alexa and then tried to add it after having flashed the device with Tasmota, Alexa is now not being able to discover it.

I shall say that I have literally dozens of devices flashed with Tasmota, all synced without any problems with Alexa and I even synced new devices after this case happened.

So I can only assume that the problem here was that automatic sync with Alexa when I first discovered this Sonoff Mini with eWelink (before flashing).

Does Alexa store MAC Address of devices and since I deleted this (when it was yet in the APP), then it is not discovered now?

How can I overcome this problem? I’ve found some suggestions but it all points to the same direction: RESET! I mean, I just don’t want to lose all rotines I have… :roll_eyes:

Any help will, as always, be very appreciated. :slight_smile:

How did you exclude / delete the device from Alexa ?
It is Alexa where you are looking for the device not OH ?

Just went inside Alexa APP, then inside device and delete device.

It is inside Alexa APP.


What version of OH are you using…there has evidently been an issue with Alexa discovering devices.

It seems to have been fixed in 3.x

I’m using OH v2.5.9

But as I explained, already after this happened, I found other equipments. And prior to this as well, within minutes difference.

The only difference from this equipment to others is that tihs one was previously synced with Alexa via eWelink APP (Sonoff APP).

Are you using the Alexa skill via myopenhab.org cloud connector or the Hue Emulator binding to discover your Alexa-enabled devices?

Alexa skill, I don’t even have a single Philips device and never mentioned Hue Emulator here. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile: Can you share more information on how you configured the affected item including the item definition? Did you make any changes to its configuration from the time it was first discovered?

To answer your initial question, a deleted item on the Alexa side should reappear on the subsequent discovery request if configured properly on the OH side.

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I… just… can’t… believe… this…

This is what I had:

Switch Luz_Placa_Numero "Luz Placa NĂşmero" <light> (iluminacao) ["Lightning"]

Can someone spot the problem here?

“Lightning” instead of “Lighting”…

Damn… thank you for forcing me to go check my .items file! :smiley:

It’s now synced with Alexa like all others. :wink:

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