SOLVED:Disable BUTTON DOUBLE_PRESSED Channel Event - HomeMatic

I upgraded OH from 2.3 to 2.4.

Now I realised that with 2.4 the channel event have changed from


This is not a big issue for sure, search and replace.

One issue is that an additional channel event has appeared not BUTTON -> DOUBLE_PRESSED.

This one is messing up my rules.

Is it possible somehow to disable this event or at least set the time from 2s to e.g. 0.5s

Curious how an extra event causes a problem?

The timeout of 2 second for an DOUBLE_PRESSED event is to high.

The following is happening:

1st press -> you get BUTTON -> SHORT_PRESSED event fired
2nd press within 2sec BUTTON-> DOUBLE_PRESSED event fired

In a scenario where I press once to switch a on a lamp and want switch it within 2 secs off, the click is ignored.

The DOUBLE_PRESSED is useless because it is alway accompanied with a SINGLE_PRESSED.

In a scenario where I would be interested to use DOUBLE_PRESSED, e.g. to toggle through light color/temperture scenes, I cannot, because the SINGLE_PRESSED spoils the game.

Expected behavior:
DOUBLE_PRESSED should have a waiting time of e.g. 0.3-0.5s, short enough to be waited on (SINGLE_PRESSED delayed) in order to get just the DOUBLE_PRESSED only and used it as such.

Can’t comment on device configuring for the delay.

It sounds like if you were to trigger on single-or-double you would get the effect you want? Get every press, treat them alike.

You are right, was about to do it that way, still its a bad implementation of DOUBLE_PRESSED