<Solved ?> Display basicui in browser on another local network computer?

I have OpenHAB2 installed on a Windows 7 computer. Formerly (within several months ago ?), in a Windows 10 computer’s browser on the same local network, I could display basicui by entering the following in the browser’s address box:

Now the Windows 10 browser grinds away on that & times out. Replacing the ip address with the host name of the Windows 7 computer does not help.

I have searched on OpenHAB community & in general on the internet & have not found anything that helps.

What do I need to restore this former functionality?

BTW https://home.myopenhab.org/basicui/app?sitemap=my works fine, but I’d like to be able to connect over my local network for reasons like when openhab cloud is not working.

Did you tried to browse the BasicUI over the menu from instead of the full link?
Did you renamed your sitemap?

If you´re not using multiple sitemaps it´s a got approach to name the only sitemap as default.sitemap

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Yes, I tried the shorter link & it also times out. No, I did not rename my sitemap. I’ll try declaring the default.sitemap later, but I’m skeptical it will help.

Please change your openHAB logging level to DEBUG an see if there‘s any error when trying to open the sitemap.

Here‘s an information how to change the logging level.

My sitemap is actually named BA not my

In the Karaf console I executed log:set DEBUG. Then from another network computer’s browser, I tried to access the sitemap with http or https.

Could you help me interpret the resulting log posted at my Github:

Ok that´s way to much logs :slight_smile:

Please put back the logging level for everything back to DEFAULT with log:set DEFAULT and only set the DEBUG logging level for org.openhab.
log:set DEBUG org.openhab
This log should be a little bit smaller and only show the relevant things.
You could also filter the log by debug while using the buildin log viewer over

OK, I made this too hard. I was wanting to display a basicui from a Windows 7 OpenHAB 2.1.0 install in a browser on a Windows 10 computer. It had worked before.

I got to thinking that maybe the two computers were not in the same Workgroup (visible & changeable on the Control Panel\System page). I believe I had reinstalled Windows 10 a while back & accepted some defaults. When I checked the Workgroups were not the same.

At the moment, neither the Windows 10 computer or I are at the Windows 7 computer’s location so I cannot check that until I return. However, I am at a location with another Windows 10 computer running OpenHAB 2.5.0.M1 & the above Windows 10 computer. I have them both on the same Network AND Workgroup AND Network Discovery is turned on for the computers involved. Entering [IP of my OpenHAB computer]:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=My means I can display the basicui on the other Windows 10 computer in the same network AND Workgroup. YAY!