[SOLVED] Display contact status and/or change icon

I am trying to build my first sitemap and I have some door sensors. I have them setup as “contact” elements. I am trying to get them to indicate their status (OPEN or CLOSED) in BasicUI so I can see the current status of the sensor. I tried setting up a visibility so that I could change the icon to either an open door or closed door icon, but that doesn’t appear valid. Here’s what I had

Contact  Patio_Door      "Patio Door"       visibility=[Patio_Door==CLOSED] <garden>   (BF_Doors)   {channel="zwave:device:163c742d092:node5:sensor_door"}
Contact  Patio_Door      "Patio Door"       visibility=[Patio_Door==OPEN] <door>   (BF_Doors)    {channel="zwave:device:163c742d092:node5:sensor_door"}

I am not sure what I need to do. I tried searching the forums for examples, but I seem to be doing it exactly like what I have seen, but it doesn’t work.

Let me know if you there is any other info you need to provide a suggestion.


The visibility parameter is only for use in the sitemap file
You can only have 1 item with the Patio_Door name

This should work:

Contact  Patio_Door      "Patio Door"       <door>   (BF_Doors)    {channel="zwave:device:163c742d092:node5:sensor_door"}

If I use that, it does display the device, but it doesn’t show me the status. How can I get it to show the status of the contact?

What UI are you using?

In Paper UI
Configuration -> Services -> UI -> ClassicUI -> Configure -> Icon Format -> Vector

I am using the Basic UI, also @vzorglub I have the settings as you state, but that doesn’t seem to change the icon for the door when it is opened or closed.

That works for me:

Contact  Kitchen_Door                       "Kitchen Door [%s]"             <door>      (Doors, Kitchen)                      { mqtt="<[mybroker:House/Kitchen/Door:state:default]"}

Now, does your item updates?
What does the log show when you open and close the door?