[solved]Display Item value on Sitemap not based on a specific channel link

i’m in crysis with a simple task in the new OH3 enviroment.

I read every month the energy consumption of my home, and store the data in an Openhab page.

I do like the following step, please advise me what is the problem.

  1. I defined and updated the numeric value one Item by creating the corresponding point in the Model page of mainUI. As you can see the value is 73 in these case

2)I linked the Label element on the Sitemap configuration page to the corrispective item previously defined

  1. nothing on the sitemap…

In OH2.5 I think the solution was to add [%s] on the label on the .item file. now i’m not able to undestard

Maybe is the problem linked to do not have “linked channel” on step 1???
As you can image this is not a phisical device and no binding channes associated with it.

Thanks to help us to understand the changes.

The [ ] part is “state presentation”.
In OH3 you can edit this in Item stateDescription at Pattern box

Just use %s without the [ ] here.

Oh yeah thank you,
it is the solution definitelly.

Not intuitive at all.
Thank you!!!

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