[Solved] Display KNX float value as percent decimal


I have a knx heating actor and for the valve position an item:

things/knx.things:Type number : R13_Stellgroesse_Heizen "R.13 Stellgroesse Heizen" [ ga="5.001:<4/1/29" ]
items/knx_hkl.items:Number R13_Heizung_Stellgroesse "Stellgröße [%d %%]" <myheating> (gR13, gHeizung) { channel="knx:device:router1:generic:R13_Stellgroesse_Heizen" }

For 100% the value is displayed as 1 in my sitemap and also stored as 1.00

Log for an item change:

R13_Heizung_Stellgroesse changed from 1.00000000 to 0.00000000

Is there an easy way for displaying (i.E.) 0,30 as 30% in a sitemap?

Thanks in advanced,

You should be able to use mappings in you sitemap.

Please try to use a Dimmer Item instead of a Number Item.


@Udo_Hartmann Great, that’s it.
Many thanks.

Nice catch.:smiley:

Seeing it’s highlighted, I should have picked up on that.:roll_eyes: