[SOLVED] Display switches that are On in Habpanel

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The only thing that has stopped me from moving to Habpanel from the android app is the missing “visibility” function. It is really useful to have a section which shows only items that are On in my home. I’ve got about 50 switch items so putting them all on one page is not realistic. Has anyone found a way to filter items by status in Habpanel.


There are additional widgets for those.
Go to HABPanel settings / add-widget / get more widgets / and browse gallery. IIRC there is one I wrote as well as a few others. You give it a group and it displays the items which are ON.

(settings from memory so might be slightly off)

Yes thanks Crispin your who’s home widget has what I need. I just need to sort out putting the items into row’s as opposed to across the page.