[SOLVED] Do i need a ZigBee USB to setup Xiaomi Bridge?

Hi, i am new on Openhab and i setup allready my FritzBox wit Some Rules and Items.
My question is if i can add the Xiaomi Gateway to OH without ZigBee stick.
Thank you

The gateway is connected to OpenHab through your Wireless Network. Xiaomi Devices can interact with the gateway, which transmitts the information to OpenHab.

If you want to use the Xiaomi Devices without the gateway, a ZigBee stick is needed.

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OK then i will buy only the Bridge.
Thanks a lot

Can you recommend a gateway or is there no difference?

What’s wrong with the Xiaomi Gateway?
I costs around 50€ and manages perfectly well all Xiomi devices
I have a couple of them and they all work well
Through the Xiaomi Gateway, OH2 discovers them easily
The only matter is this Xiaomi Gateway has to connect to a chinese cloud and I’m not sure what kind of data they are collecting.
On the other hand, what wrong with a zigbee stick?
What prevent me using a zigbee usb stick is the mess of profiles used by Zigbee protocol
There are: Home Automation, Light Link, Smart Energy, Commercial Building, etc.
It looks like this is being solved within Zigbee 3.0 but where to find a stick that support this version?
The usage of zigbee stick is less common that a zwave stick

Why not block the gateway’s internet access in your router settings? That’s what I did. I would also recommend Xiaomi gateway, though I’m not sure if it works with Aquara products…

You could use a conbee stick which Supports ZigBee 3.0
So you do Not need the Xiaomi Gateway nor othere Gateways to use zigbee devices.


OpenHab 2 fully supports ConBee 2?
Do I need to install deCONZ or work directly with a USB device?