[SOLVED] Do Ikea Trådfri bulbs keep their brightness level

Hi all,

I’m currently using some Philipps Hue bulbs and find one thing quite annoying. After switching them on with a regular wall switch they always come up with some defaults (e.g. brightness level 100)

So, I wonder wether the Ikea Trådfri bulbs keep their settings or are they behaving in the same odd way?

Yes my Ikea Bulb stores his Old Value …

When Switch off at 50% and then Switch On it comes Up with 50%!

When i slide the Dimmer Brightness to 0% the Switch toogles to Off, at next Switch On it comes up with 1% :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,
With switch you are reffering to a plain old wallswitch that cut’s on/off the power?

Switch = OH2 Switch Item …

I don’t cut the power … that makes no sense