[SOLVED] Do Z-Wave Secure devices work on 2.5.0.M1 Milestone Build (SOLVED and yes they do)

@chris I was running snapshot 2.5 and my setup broke on last update. I read that there was an issue with the latest snapshot build and that I should downgrade. Since I am pretty much using OH all day every day I am not willing to be as risky as I was and went to the milestone builds instead which should be a little safer. All was well until I started to include secure devices. My Schlage Z-wave locks are showing up as Unknown Devices. Should these be supported now on Milestone builds I assumed so since latest secure was merged a while back? Do I just need to wait for them to wake up or something?

@chris while I had the security key just as I had before, I figured out that I also had to change the thing ID for my z-wave stick to what I had previously. I assume it has something to do with the security of these devices. Either way, glad it was an easy find and oversight from my end.