[Solved] Downgrade to Java 8 (Zulu-8) on openhabian. Binding fritzbox tr064 not working with Java 11


this is no question and no tutorial. I just want to avoid someone else searches for this (as I did) and then hurts himself with a huge face-palm (as I did). I put this topic under beginner - as this does not deserve to be somewhere else.

If you used openhabian-config for a system-upgrade, and ignored any warnings regarding Java 11 - you might end up with some older bindings not working (as eg. fritzbox tr064).

Here the thing I missed for two hours:
“You can downgrade java within openhabian-config in “OpenHAB Related”

… And second thing I missed for 10 minutes:
“Read the warning before you hit enter… the standard selection is not to install.”

This will only work if you are still on OpenHAB2 (OpenHAB3 needs Java11).

Perhaps this will help someone in my situation (early in the morning w/o coffee)

Best regards and merry Christmas

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Thanks for posting! Just for clarity:

  • OH2 requires Java 8
  • OH3 requires Java 11

For OH3 there is a new TR064 binding: TR-064 - Bindings | openHAB

If you’re on OH2 you can continue to use the old binding, but the old binding is no longer compatible with OH3.


TR-064 Binding is working expected here running openHAB 3 Release.

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Thanks for posting this link.

This just adds just another :man_facepalming: to my long list of :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: this morning.

I searched for an updated binding with “fritzbox” in the name and assumed there is none. Thanks to your post, this topic is now more helpful for “PeterK of early this morning”. :wink:

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Seems like a rough day for you :wink:
But don’t worry, we all have been there! I had a hard time waiting for the dd backup image creation of my openhab SSD (20hrs) and was almost considering stopping it so I can try out OH3 right away…
Now I’ll start migrating tomorrow morning…

Hope you have a merry christmas with no more :man_facepalming: