[SOLVED] DSC Alarm Action add-on missing

I have loaded the DSC Alarm binding and it works perfectly with my DSC Power Series alarm system.

While I installed and configured the DSC Alarm Binding I noticed that the DSV Alarm Action under the ‘Action’ add-on list.

However, now that I want to install it I notice that it’s missing from the ‘Actions’ add-on list.

Any ideas why this is happening? I need the DSC Alarm Action add-on to send controls to the alarm system.

Thanks for the help!

You don’t need the action. I think this thread might help: DSC Alarm Action in OH2

At the time of the thread I needed to pull down a custom jar from him. Now it just works with the bundled jar. Translation… just use his sendcommands in post4:


sendCommand(SEND_DSC_ALARM_COMMAND, “071,1*101#”) //Send Key Stroke String
sendCommand(SEND_DSC_ALARM_COMMAND, “000”) //Send Poll Command

Excellent! Thanks Moxified. Control working great!

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