[SOLVED] Duplicate controls in paperui

I am running openhab openhab2-2.2.0-1 (centos rpm)
I have simple item linking simple mode turned on.

I add a zwave dimmer

so it creates

then I created a item

Dimmer light_tv_dimmer "TV light X " (GF) [ “Lighting” ] {channel=“zwave:device:9d6ae427:node17:switch_dimmer”}

Now paperui has an extra slider control, and the sliders don’t stay in sync

In older versions (i was running snapshot-2.1) it wouldn’t duplicate the controls, looks like it would just display the control defined in the item file.

Is there a way in paperui so i don’t get duplicate controls?

you properbly have sinple mode turn on in configuration-> system:

You can delete the extra items under the “thing” by clikking the box with arrow in the upper right coner:

and delete (to acces this mode I think you need to turn the simple mode off, but I’m not sure)

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I’m a newbie, so I was wondering about best practice here?
I like the “SImple mode” for when I add items, however when I create and item file to put items in a group, I get the duplications.
I don’t believe it is possible to put items in a group from the paperUI.
Is it possible to add items in to an item file and not get duplicates?

See the comment above. For me I add the ‘thing’ in paperui, then create the ‘item’ in a file. You have to have simple mode turned off so it doesn’t create duplicates.

I was just contemplating creating the ‘things’ in a text file as well, but that would take some extra work at this point to recreate things, the benefit would be that I wouldn’t have to be manually re add things, set there location using the gui, instead they would exist in a text file that is easy to backup. I have had to rebuild my whole open hab set up multiple times over the years, due to bugs or testing beta releases. I decided not to do that at this point because the other ‘thing’ syntax is resonably complicated to duplicate exactly what paperui did, not impossible just some work to do

Thank you, I have just reset a HUE bulb and added it again, what you ahve sasi above now makes sense, especially the back and rebuild element.

Thank you