[SOLVED] e.g. Z-Wave: Switch items are now (v2.8.0) rendered as "Default items"

HABdroid version 2.8.0.

Since the update to version 2.8.0 Switch items in Groups are not rendered as a Switch.

Switches that are defined in .sitemap as Switch are rendered OK.

All above red buttons are configured as Switch in .items file. The exist only in Groups. The items have no own entry in .sitemap file.

@mueller-ma Do you know about this issue?

I would guess it’s actually working as it should. Some bindings - zwave is the one that springs to mind - now supply default mappings for Items.
When you use the Group widget in a sitemap, it is supposed to show the default display of each Item.

You could confirm that is what is going by putting one of your Items in its own sitemap line for a test.

Default item=myItem

That is what Group widget does.

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You are right. They are all z-wave items! I tried with “Default item” and “Switch item”, both result the same: no Switch is shown anymore! :frowning:

But I want them as Switch! How to achive this now?

What I found with my motion sensor switch is that appears to be the default rendering if the channel name has the word alarm in it. :frowning: I do not have the Triggered / Untriggered icons here.

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You are partially right.

My “channel names” are:



All above are rendered as Default item.

I don’t have anything auto-mapped to try, but you need to null out the mapping in some way. Try -

Switch item=myItem mappings=[]

Ok. Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m going to try it later. But if this works, I have to create 19 new items in .sitemap file… :frowning:

Just for information, the documentation may help you here as it should describe this. I don’t know what devices you are referring to, but as an example I pick the Aeon 4 in 1 motion sensor.

The channels list shows the states -:

This information is consolidated into the documentation from the binding configuration files, and the device database, so it should be correct.

Yep, people outgrow using Groups in sitemaps for all sorts of reasons, when they want something different from defaults.

I believe you, that the description and database is correct.

I could see this triggered/untriggerd and OK/Alarm also in HABmin.

But it never appeared in HABdroid before, but since the new version 2 8.0.

It was rendered as Switch and there was text left to it with e.g. OK or Alarm. Now only the text appears. See also pictures above.

Understood - I was just commenting as there was discussion about what channels these states were applicable to and I just wanted to point out that there is a way to find this out without guessing or assuming (for example) that channels starting with alarm have mapping and others don’t…

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Is there any easy way to override the default? In my case the motion sensor was envisioned for security purposes so the channel defaults to Alarm. I am using it just as a sensor to detect motion, so Alarm makes little sense in my situation.

In your sitemap, use mappings=[ON="my word", etc.

@rossko57 @Bruce_Osborne @chris

I downgraded the APP to 2.7.0.

To show you the difference:

Now it is OK again. See also pictures in post #1.

No hint in the release notes. :frowning:

I believe I already tried that in the Items file and it did not help.
In my case my sitemap references a Group containing the Item.

No, you cannot do that in the Items file.

Yep, people outgrow using Groups in sitemaps for all sorts of reasons, when they want something different from defaults.

Yes, we all believed you :smiley:
There’s nothing wrong with the app, it’s been updated to do what it is supposed to do.

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Can you see the difference between my pictures?
The only thing I changed is the APP from 2.8.0 back to 2 7.0.


Who decided that and who wanted that?

Not me!

yes Alex, we all can see the difference

Yes, understood. Downgrading to the older version reverts the behavior.

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