[SOLVED] e.internal.WriterInterceptorExecutor error


I’m running the latest 2.4 stable openhabian version. But since I have updated I got the following error in the openhab.log when opening/login on to PaperUI or Habmin in a browser.

2019-01-16 19:25:10.120 [ERROR] [e.internal.WriterInterceptorExecutor] - MessageBodyWriter not found for media type=text/event-stream, type=class org.glassfish.jersey.media.sse.OutboundEvent, genericType=class org.glassfish.jersey.media.sse.OutboundEvent.

It doesn’t matter if I use Mozilla, Grome or IE and if it is on a mobile device ( android ) or on a computer ( tried 2 different computers ) the log is repeated every few seconds until I close the browser. I don’t noticed any issue in performance, but maybe someone know what happens here ?


Seems like after a few reboots the error has disappeared.