[SOLVED] Echo Show 5

About to order a echo show 5 to add to my other Alexa devices

Just wondering if it show HABPanal ?

If it has a webbrowser, it should work.


It does not work with the hapanel. Please see attached video: you cannot choose a server-side panel:

Should I create an Issue somehwere?

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No, try a different browser, e.g. Chrome.

there is no chrome on the echo show, just firefox

There is also the amazon silk browser, on my show 8 it works with habpanel via silk ok…

FYI: There is a workaround - save the empty default as a panel first - then you can select the server side panels.

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There is a new Alexa Skill, which can open the browser with a defined web page. Maybe this is interesting for all readers here.
I use the skill to open silk browser with HABPanel page.

In combination with an Alexa rule, triggered indirect with an OpenHAB switch item, It should be possible to show HABPanel always on an Echo Show.