Solved: Eclipse Installer does not setup IDE anymore

About a Month ago I used the Eclipse Installert successfully to install a ready-to-develop IDE.

Now I’m trying to create another copy of Eclipse to develop on another openHAB based project, but it does not provide any setup for this.

In Detail, I start Eclipse Installer, chose “Eclipse IDE for Java Devlopers”, then “GitHub” -> “openHAB 2 Development” and there is the first difference: In the table below (Catalog, Project, Stream) is no entry. In the IDE Setup Video from Kai is an entry. Therefore the following steps have less entries, like no GitHub credentials, which is comprehensible, but after all install steps, and launching Eclipse (which is done automatically), there are or course no imported projects.

But if I import a clone of openHAB2 then, I cannot switch the targetplatform. So I cannot continue from that state.
@Kai do you have an idea?

What I missed the first time around was making a double-click on the openHAB2 Development entry. This is what created the necessary entry at the bottom section of the installer.

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Oh boy, thats it!
Thanks a lot, @rait_lotamois

FYI: I moved this over to openHAB 2 so that people are not confused by this IDE setup (which only applies for the openHAB 2 IDE).