(SOLVED) Edit dashboard.cfg

Using Rpi 3B+ and openhabian, openhab 2.5M1.

I had originally added influxdb and Grafana through openhabian-config. Not I want to get rid of grafana, so I used sudo apt-get purge grafana, which removed Grafana allright…
But how to remove its link from the dashboard.cfg? (or maybe to edit dashboard.cfg, cause I have grafana running on my windows server)

I have looked at the /services/danshboard.cfg, but it just doesnt look like a usual text file to be edited in a normal editor. So how to edit this file?

It is a text file with - in your case - a few entries for Grafana, like this:


You can just open it (with nano for instance) on the Pi and remove the 3 lines. Make a copy first!

BTW, you can also change the Grafana link to point to your Windows Server system.

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Thanks… it worked. I wonder why the very long line (not readable) in the imageurl is doing. It seem like a link to some cache directories or?..
Yes my next step was to link to Grafana on my windows server insted. It seems to work just fine :slight_smile:

It is the actual image Base64 encoded instead of a path to an image file.

Ahh makes sense… though I wonder why a image file wouldnt be better… It fooled me to think this wasnt a editable text file.

I have an issue where i removed entries from dashboard.cfg, cleared cache etc, rebooted and still an item persists when viewing the dashboard. I’ve no idea where its coming from!

In case this is still open, please delete:


…and reboot openHAB

This should solve this problem :slight_smile:


Problem is fixed. But your suggestion sounds good. Never thought about that. Good to know, till next time :slight_smile: