[SOLVED] Ephemeris question is today holiday

How can I identify if today is a holiday or not by using the following the rule??

rule "read ephemeris files"
when    System started or
        Time cron "0 0 * * * ?" 
   if (Ephemeris.isWeekend == true) {
       logInfo("read ephemeris files","Wochenende")
   if (Ephemeris.isWeekend == false) {
       logInfo("read ephemeris files","Arbeitswoche")

        val String nextHoliday  = Ephemeris.getNextBankHoliday('/etc/openhab2/services/Holidays_de.xml')
        val long untilHoliday    = Ephemeris.getDaysUntil(nextHoliday, '/etc/openhab2/services/Holidays_de.xml')
        val String nextBirth = Ephemeris.getNextBankHoliday('/etc/openhab2/services/Birthdays.xml')
        val long untBirth = Ephemeris.getDaysUntil(nextBirth, '/etc/openhab2/services/Birthdays.xml')
        logInfo("read ephemeris files: Nächster Feiertag", nextHoliday + " in Tagen: " + untilHoliday)
        logInfo("read ephemeris files: Nächster Geburtstag", nextBirth + " in Tagen: " + untBirth)

According to ephemeris manual page the test to check if today is bank/public holiday is: Ephemeris.isBankHoliday.
So you need to add an additional if clause that checks if the above function returns true.

@Wolfgang_S that’s clear and how do I know which XML is used?? I wann use the holiday.xml

What about using function

Ephemeris.isBankHoliday( 0,'/etc/openhab2/services/Holidays_de.xml')

then ?

@Wolfgang_S what does the parameter 0 mean?

It is the offset sorry for asking