[SOLVED] Epoch time without milliseconds

i need to calculate Epoch time, without Milliseconds:
Using now().getMillis() i got an epoch time with milliseconds and my external application is not able to handle it.
What i need is to get epoch time in my timezone (not UTC) without milliseconds.

Many Thanks

Have you looked at this post?

yes I found this:

val Number MyEpochFromJoda = now.millis

This return epoch time with milliseconds, i need epoch timestamp without milliseconds, otherwise my externall app is not able to convert into readable format

val Number MyEpochFromJoda = now.millis
val int withoutMillis = (now.millis / 1000).intValue()

I’m feel so stupid


I know the feeling. Sometimes the answer is so simple and I spend hours trying a very complicated way…
Happened to me many times.

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