[Solved] Events.log remains empty

I migrated to OH3 from OH2 with the debian packages. Except the old http bindings everything works, but events.log remains empty. The file exists and Openhab has the ownership. Could someone help me please?
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When your system works but nothing is logged, you may look in the wrong folder? “openhab2” was changed to “openhab” in the relevant paths.
Or is your system not working at all, so there is nothing to log in events.log?

The folder is openhab, there are entries in the new event monitor, 14 things are working correct. It must be an additional problem.

Did you check for permission issues? Are files being created when OH starts? I would

  • shutdown OH
  • delete the existing logfiles
  • run a “sudo openhab-cli reset-ownership” command
  • startup OH and check that the expected files are created and are being populated

No better result.

But I found this:

I opened org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg in the folder /var/lib/openhab/etc and substituted “smarthome” remarks by “openhab”, now the events.log is filled.

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