[SOLVED] Expire binding no longer working under knx2 binding


I’ve been running Openhab for 2 years and it has been running very fine. (RPI with Openhabian).
I’ve been using the KNX1 binding for a long time, but finally decided to migrate to the KNX2 binding. Required some work… but managed to get everything up and running.

Only exception is the expire binding. This used to work fine under KNX1, but it no longer works under KNX2. It seems that the expire binding does not send a GA signal to the KNX bus.

Configuration as follows:

under knx.items:

Switch Licht_kast_eetplaats_schakelen      "Kast"    <light>   (gLicht,gGelijkvloers,gMainlichten)       {channel="knx:device:BAOS771:TXA610B_1:Channel_80", expire="1m,OFF"}

And of course the corresponding code in knx.things
Switching this light ON and OFF works fine.

When I switch the light ON:

2019-01-16 21:10:51.868 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Licht_kast_eetplaats_schakelen predicted to become ON
2019-01-16 21:10:51.879 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Licht_kast_eetplaats_schakelen changed from OFF to ON

And then after 1 minute the expire binding kicks in:

2019-01-16 21:11:52.523 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Licht_kast_eetplaats_schakelen changed from ON to OFF

However, nothing physically happens (the light remains on).
I’ve monitored my bus under ETS, but no group address is sent after 1 minute.
Nevertheless, on my smartphone (openhab app) displaying my sitemap, I see the slider moving from ON to OFF after 1 minute after the expire binding kicks in.

It seems the expire binding does send a signal after 1 minute, but it doesn’t reach the KNX bus…

Seems like a bug to me, or am I doing something wrong?

Wrong syntax:


Wrong syntax:

And indeed, it’s that simple.
Somehow, my syntax used to work under KNX1…

@sihui, Thx!

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Was wondering same thing since you actually saw the slider move :slight_smile: