[SOLVED] Exposing items to Amazon Alexa with Tags

Hey guys,

Wondering how to expose items to Alexa via tags. Followed documentation, and looked into some forum posts but cant see what I am doing wrong. Alexa says “No Devices Found”

Switch Party_Switch "Party" [ "Lighting" ]

It is a dummy switch that controls things via rules.

Thanks for any advice in advance :slight_smile:

What documentation did you follow?
Some is good, some is bad.
Some is old, some is new

The master documentation on the Alexa Binding, followed by a bunch of forum posts

I am an idiot. I had a fresh install and had not configured the cloud connector. Sorry for wasting your time!

I think they have disabled adding items exposed to MyOpenHab when they disabled IFTTT to reduce load.
If so, you may need to consider hosting your own cloud. I have not heard of anybody here selling cloud access yet.