[SOLVED] Fibaro Dimmer 2 example items etc


I have an openHAB 2 system up an running since several years but now added my first Fibaro Dimmer 2.

In the docs I can only see item types of Dimmer and no Switch for ON/OFF commands

Do you have some example that you can share for item configurations for Fibaro Dimmer 2 controlling ON/OFF and Dimming?

The dimmer should work with ON/OFF, percent (0-100), or increase or decrease

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A dimmer item will accept many types of commands:
See: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/items.html#type

So if I have added in items conf file:

Dimmer HemmabioDimmer "Hemmabio Dimmer" (gCellar) {channel="zwave:device:aa3c9940:node25:switch_dimmer1"}

How can I add an ON/OFF switch in sitemaps?

Simple as that:

Switch item=HemmabioDimmer
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Thanks @vzorglub , very much appreciated
Then I get a slider with the dimmer level - which is good for other cases


Since the dimmer remember the last dimmer level and if I press the physical button (s1) I get the light ON/OFF with the previous dimmer level.
How can I get a simple ON/OFF button (and rule command) to turn on the lights with the previous dimmer level?

With a proxy item and a rule

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Hmmm need to check out “proxy item”… if something like [SOLVED] ON/OFF value to Dimmer type?

This will help

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For some reason I now got a ON/OFF button in UI using

Switch item=HemmabioDimmer

Thanks, very nice. Didn’t know about Proxy items and seems very useful :smiley:

Just as I told you 5 posts above…

Could you mark the tread as solved by ticking the solution post. Thanks

Correct, therefore I replied to your post.
I have already clicked your post as solution :slight_smile:

is that not what you wanted?

@Andrew_Rowe Absolutely but for some reason when tested yesterday I got a slider instead of a switch. Today when testing again it worked as I wanted.

Then I find Proxy Items to be useful in other scenarios.

Thanks for the help @Andrew_Rowe and @vzorglub

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