[SOLVED] Fibaro Scenes not working


I’m moving from Vera to OH2
I’m still trying to figure things, but overall liking the change.

I have many FGR222 that working fine (still not perfect).
I’ve configured Parameter 50 to Scene mode

BUT when i triple/double click, i don’t see any scene change, neither on Paper/Habdmin or logs file.
What I’m missing ?

Maybe you have to enable logging through OSGI?
In OSGI set logging level to debug



You should see in your events.log:

2018-12-22 10:14:24.328 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FibFGR222_Living_South_Scene changed from NULL to 14

(This is a double click)

Make sure your scenes channel is linked to a number item:

Number FibFGR222_Living_South_Scene { channel="zwave:device:uzb:node32:scene_number" }

In your rules catch the trigger event via

Item FibFGR222_Kitchen_South_L_Scene received update 14

Also make sure you have the associations set correctly: Controller Updates to Controller

events.log doesn’t show that.
so its before channels and items, right ?
what do you mean in your last line, this is my association configuratoin

I’ve configured the Association and its working !! :slight_smile:
Not sure why I didn’t read about it until now


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