[SOLVED] Find information about commits for updates

Hello. As a followup to a previous question of mine here, I need to look up if or when the change in question has been made available through openhab, or when I can update openhab to reflect this change.

My current detective steps (and I’m not used to reading through the git commit system):

  1. Git issue 299 describes the problem, links to pull request 308.

  2. as I understand (see attached screenshot), the locale support has been enabled for commit d6d0f70, right?

  3. How can I see when this commit is available for my openhab installation, or even better, how would I go about using it even earlier?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2B+
    • OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
    • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_222”
    • openHAB version: openhab2/testing 2.5.0~M6-1

A proposed code change will be published as a PR (pull request) . Although automatic code checks are performed on the related PR, it has not been accepted and therefore isn’t merged yet.
If such a PR is merged you could get the changed version by updating go the latest snapshot version.

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Thank you. And by updating to the latest snapshot you mean the usual

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade openhab

I guess?

That would work if you wait for a new stable release ( 2.5 is scheduled to come in this december).
If you are on an openhabian installation the change from a stable release to a milestone or snapshot version is possible via the sudo openhabian-config menu.

I’m sorry, you did see I’m not on openhabian, but on a default raspbian installation, and also on the testing branch for 2.5, right?

I’m sorry but I missed that one!
Please read the documentation

Yes. Still, the initial question remains open: How can I inspect if a commit will be available in a snapshot for my specific installation?
Or alternatively:
How can I manually checkout a commit and use it?

This is the Alexa skill repository which is not the same than a usual addon/binding. So the only way to get the latest version would be to deploy your own private skill.

If you are using the official skill, then unfortunately, you will have to wait for this feature to be merged and then released to the live skill.

I’m not going to deploy my own skill and I am well aware I have to wait until it is released. However, I don’t want to wait unnecessarily long, so I want to know how to detect when it has been released to the live skill and how to update that skill then.

You can subscribe to the GitHub issue you mentioned, so you will be notified when the change is merged and the issue closed. You can also watch this forum topic as we will be announcing when new major features are available in the live skill.

Great. That solves my questions.