[SOLVED] Forum is notifying me about a thread which have no new post

I observed several notifications about updates in old threads which seem to have no update. Something going wrong with the forum?
One example: I got a notification that user michealjoos has updated This thread
An explanation would be but the mentioned user ( OP) changed this post, however I have got several of such notifications, coming from different users.

I’ve seen this several times lately. Each time I went to the post it showed the first post, and the little “edited” icon was showing.

This may be from @vzorglub making changes to some post, reviewing all off-topic posts and putting them in a category and marking them as solved. Cleaning up the forum.:+1:

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I have similar effects getting notufications in recent oost, wich I have already read or even posted myself

I am going through ALL the off-topic threads, assign them to a topic, tick the solution if one was found and update the title with [SOLVED]
About 2100 to go…
So for you guys who are quite active and have been in the past, there will be a few of these coming up…


Thanks for doing this!

The discourse gods gave me “regular powers” so I’ll try to do the same when I spot a bad title or missing tags. Can’t though mark them solved if they are so but it’s still a step forward.