[SOLVED] FritzBox Tr064 binding - problem resolving external call number to name with a Google-synced phonebook

Hello, I write because I have been using for a long time in my Openhab system the Fritzbox TR064 binding that recently was improved with new features.
The binding worked always pretty good but in the past I couldn’t use the resolving external call number to phonebook name feature because it could work just with the Fritzbox default phonebook and I use a Google-synced phonebook.
According with the last documentation about the binding (in the “binding documentation” section)

now it’s possible to set the phonebook id to use in the resolving function (and it’s explicit written that this configuration value is useful if you use a different phonebook (like a Google-synced phonebook).
OK, my first problem was to find the phonebook id of my synced phonebook, it was not so easy as I could hope but I did it and here is my (auto)solved post about that:

Then I used both the possible id I found related to my synced-phonebook in the Fritzbox TR064 configuration file but when I make a call the item gives me always just the info about caller/called number and the message “Name not found for”.
If I use the default Fritzbox phonebook, with id=0, the resolving feature works and when I make a call the item gives me the resolved name and the info about the caller/called number.
Could anybody set this binding in such a way that the resolving feature works with a Google-synced phonebook?

I set the phonebook ID to 1 and it works with my external phonebook at web.de
Google I can’t test because I have no contacts there.

Hi Steffen,

thank you for answering.

I’ve already tried with phonebookid=1 but the resolving feature doesn’t work for me with that value. Until today I tested, for my phonebookid parameter, the following values:

  • 0: the resolving feature works and uses the contacts saved in the Fritzbox internal telephone book;
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 240: the resolving feature doesn’t work (the reason why I tried the values 1 and 240 is explained in the linked discussion of the post n.1).

Surely I could keep on trying with the following numbers (12, 13, 14, …), but I think it should be an easier and more logical way to find the id the Fritzbox assign to the Google-synced phonebook.

Do you have any more idea?

Today I create a contact in my Google Account. Run through the Google setup and set the ID in Openhab fritzbox config to:


It works without any problems.
Here are the Log:

2018-10-29 22:37:17.564 [WARN ] [ing.fritzboxtr064.internal.Tr064Comm] - No tr064 service found for service id urn:WLANConfiguration-com:serviceId:WLANConfiguration3
2018-10-29 22:37:17.564 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - FritzboxTr064 Refresh Service has been started
2018-10-29 22:37:17.565 [INFO ] [tzboxtr064.internal.PhonebookManager] - Downloading phonebook ID 2
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Hi Steffen,
thank you to keep on trying to help me with this issue. Finally, after reading your last post that confirmed to me that this feature works, I decided to spend some more effort to solve my problem, and now it works.

First of all I noticed that your configuration was different than mine, yours was


and mine was


I hadn’t the prefix “fritzboxtr064:” in any row of the configuration file, binding was working anyway but I decided to change the configuration file in order to make it more similar to yours (I’ve researched a little and I found that Openhab2 creates a new fritzboxtr064.cfg file in the service folder when you install the binding with PaperUI - I installed it in this way - and in the configuration rows don’t appear the prefix “fritzboxtr064:”).
While changing the configuration file I had an idea: maybe the resoving feature was not working because of the way the binding searchs the numbers in the phonebook, and that was the point of the problem: in my phonebook many numbers were entered thought Google Contacts but originally with the smartphone, and the smartphone software used to automatically add spaces inside the telephone numbers.
It is a known issue, and it is reported here:

At the end I changed the phonebook configuration row in this way:


and I modified some of the telephone contacts in the Google-synced phonebook erasing the spaces in the numbers, I tried to make a phone call to a number inserted in my phonebook and finally I could see the resolving feature working with my Google-synced phonebook.
It took so much time and it was such a little thing about spaces inside the numbers, I feel sorry for this but I’m very happy that now it works.

Thank you a lot for your support, Steffen.


Great! Nice to hear that.