[SOLVED] Fritzbox TR064: compatibility check

i’m just wondering if the tr064 binding is still compatible with the latest FRITZ!OS 7.11 version? There have been changes in tr064 interface.
Is this already checked and can I update to this FritzOS release without problems with openhab?

Produkt: FRITZ!Box 7490
Version: FRITZ!OS 7.11
Sprache: deutsch
Release-Datum: 27.05.2019


Hi again,
is anyone already FRITZ!OS 7.11 on Fritzbox 7490 running? I want to upgrade my Fritzbox but fear that some things might not work anymore, as obviously changes have been done on the tr064 protocol.
I would appreciate your replay.

Yes, it is working. And the AVM FRITZ! Binding too.

Thanks a lot.