[SOLVED] From ItemStatus to sendCommand

Hello, i need help with my rules. I have items:

Number R_Led "R_LED"
Number G_Led "G_LED"
Number B_Led "B_LED"

Number HSV_1 "HSV_1"
Number HSV_2 "HSV_2"
Number HSV_3 "HSV_3"

And i neet to get in rules and sens as “sendCommand”

Yeelight_Kitchen_Color.sendCommand("HSV_1 ,HSV_2, HSV_3  ")

How can i convert that?

To get the state from an Item you call .state on the Item.


HSV_1.state + ","+ HSV_2.state+","+HSV_3

Though one wonders why you have it split up like this and don’t just create a Color Item

Color HSV

Then you can just: