[SOLVED] Getting more from an APC UPS, SYNOLOGY, OH

Hi everyone

Hoping for some help here i have upgraded my ups today but i have now got items that no longer have a value

my new ups is a Apc smc1500i-2uc its connected to my synology ds1819+ it’s working fine and I have the ups server enabled on the synology and connected too the NUT Binding (OH) but I notice i have items that used to report a value that no longer do BX700UI apc ups

I have been looking for a command too run on my synology too see what information the ups is reporting too the NAS but can’t find it anywhere now I have used it before on openhab does anyone know this command or have an explication too why its not reporting as much information as the older cheaper unit?

my older unit had values for Input Voltage, Runtime , Load

I would obviously like too have things like temperature reported but i’m pretty unhappy that some of the major items are no longer working

any tips appreciated

Not all UPS devices report the same information. Run the upsc command from a machine configured with a NUT client or on your synology. What you see as the result is the sum total of all the information that is available. It might be a short list. I would not be surprised if most of that information is simply not available.

As an example, my UPS doesn’t report any of that missing information either.

Hi again @rlkoshak thanks for the reply I’m just having a few problems at the moment I have ran the command you sent and agree this information will not be available anymore sadly

My ups is connected too my synology with USB the ups reports itself as fully charged but looking at the Synology DSM it reports as being 99% charged and using the upsc ups@localhost command (thanks for that) reveils that it thinks the ups is at 99% OLCHARG and with openhab being connected too the synology as a slave its receiving the wrong information too its pretty annoying and im not sure what I can do too fix it I think it’s a problem between the UPS and NUT on the synology or just NUT in general

^ From APC SmartConnect

^running upsc ups@localhost on ssh too Synology DSM

^ openhab receives the same information so its wrong

OH is only ever going to be able to report what NUT is reporting. Since NUT is reporting 99%, that’s all that OH will ever report. Given that, your answer as to what, if anything, you can do about this discrepancy will be found on a NUT forum and not here.

But if I were to guess, I’d say it’s the UPS itself that is reporting the information wrong as all NUT does is query the device over the USB connection and report what the UPS itself told it to report.

I don’t think one exists not in the conventional sense of anything like this community NUT has a pretty poor community and support TBH so i doubt I’m going too be able too fix this its a shame as its a really nice ups

The UPS has finally updated OH as 100%

there must be a compatibility issue between NUT and the UPS or something sadly i still don’t have a value for LOAD or RUNTIME

but i have read other users have the same issue with certain ups some get it working others not i don’t think there is much i can do about it myself as i don’t want too go messing with NUT on synology as i may mess it up pretty significantly and i don’t think synlogy will be very impressed with me messing it up using SSH i may setup a RPI running nut and have a mess around there but not on synology

My plan now too moniter my ups and receive this missing information is have the ups connected too the synology via USB let NUT handle all the shutdown commands and also have the ups connected too my whs2019 box via the serial link connected too powerchute buisness edition that supports a version of snmp I then have a few ideas

  1. let openhab pull the information from PCBE either Web or snmp whatever is supported

  2. let PRTG pull the information from PCBE via snmp and then let openhab pull the information from PRTG using SNMP

I will post again with the outcome maby make different posts asking for help with it @rlkoshak what ups are you using?

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD

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That’s a good looking ups its got loads of sockets and inputs I went for a rackmount ups this time will let you know how it goes using serial too report too openhab may not be of interest too you though using a cyberpower and me using an apc

For anyone interested in pulling better information from there apc ups and Synology
I had better results connecting the UPS via USB to the pc running Powerchute Buisness Edition

enabling snmp v3 on PCBE

Then add the UPS to the NAS under SNMP UPS using the details entered into PCBE & enable ups server on synology (NUT)

and give access too OPENHAB under permitted devices


and then use the NUT Binding too poll the information

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That is very clever Aaron, great solution, thanks for posting your setup and thanks Hilbrand for a great binding!

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I just hope it helps somebody else it was driving me crazy trying too get this working properly hopefully it can benifit someone else now :slight_smile:

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how did you connect to the NUT binding? which port and which username? I have a smc1500i-2uc connected to the network but I cannot find it is the IP adresss of my synology

ok so you connect via synology, I have the ups connected to the network and to usb of my Qnap, port should be the same 3493?

my setup its more complicated than it needs to be

UPS is connected too a windows computer over usb that’s running powerchute business edition
(free with the right UPS)

Powerchute BE then shares the UPS using SNMP

Synology then connects too PCBE over SNMP
Synology has share this ups enabled this uses NUT

Openhab then connects too my synology using NUT

Actually the 3493 is opened in my qnap and I get:

Could not find the begin string pattern in the data while reading VAR ups

The ups itself does not share any data over ethernet so the ethernet port is practically useless its only used for apc smart connect

It only communicates over usb or serial too usb

You have connected the usb too a nas so now only the nas can talk too the ups

Synology has the option too share connected ups over network this is the option you need im sure qnap has the option too most the settings will be there

directly on nas I have the information, but I cannot share on the nas admin

may be with a exec bind calling a shell to nas and analize the input could solve?

Change device from ups too qnapups